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The following general sales conditions apply to all products, which are sold by NOS-parts through the website.
The customer accepts the present general conditions of sale of NOS-parts, once he, by means of an electronic check, ticks the tick box when placing his order.
The agreement cannot be changed unless NOS-parts accepts, in writing or by email, to change it.
  1. Pre-contractual information
By ticking the present general sales conditions the customer acknowledges:
To have complete power of decision or to have the permission of an authorized person before placing an order at NOS-parts.
Having taken note of the general sales conditions and the essential characteristics of the products he orders; the essential characteristics are mentioned on the website;  Renault12Shop clarifies that the pictures of the products which are sold through the website are as real as possible, but that she cannot guarantee a perfect similarity with the offered products; so the pictures on the website are just indicative and NOS-parts cannot be held liable for this.
If the customer is not capable of choosing the right product, the customer has the possibility to make contact by email with NOS-parts in order to receive additional information about the products on the website.
  1. Order
2.1 Taking the order
NOS-parts hereby informs the customer that the online order through the website is protected.
NOS-parts also informs the customer that if the customer gives the wrong or incomplete information, this can lead to mistakes in the execution of the order for which NOS-parts cannot be held liable.

2.2 Order confirmation
If NOS-parts accepts the order, she will make this acceptance known by sending a order confirmation email to the email address of the customer. After the confirmation email NOS-parts will, within a few days, send an invoice for the order including the calculated shipping costs.

2.3 Cancellation of the order
2.3.1. Cancellation of the order by NOS-parts
An order can always be cancelled by NOS-parts in case of:
Unavailability of the ordered product.
Force majeure (unforeseen delay in the delivery or wrong deliveries by the suppliers).
However NOS-parts will do everything to deliver the product mentioned in the confirmation email, it can happen that the ordered products cannot be delivered to the customer because, for example, by big fluctuations in the stock the availability cannot be guaranteed.

2.3.2 Cancellation of the order by the customer.
An order can be cancelled by the customer in case of:
Delay in the delivery of the ordered product as described in article 5.2.
Damage by transport or if the number of  the products does not match the ordered number.
The quality of the product does not match the required quality as described in article 5.6.
The customer exercises his right of withdrawal as described in article 6.1 or in case of an mistake by the customer when ordering a product.

2.4 Consequences of a cancellation of the order
The payments which are made by the customer and which were received by NOS-parts will be paid back on the bank account of the customer by bank transfer or on his PayPal account,  with exclusion of any other fee or compensation In accordance with the legal provisions applicable, within a term of maximum thirty (30) days following the day on which the customer placed his order;
The return shipping costs shall be borne by the customer in accordance with  the provisions described in article 6.
  1. Price
3.1 Catalogue price
The sales price of the product is freely determined by NOS-parts; the prices can always fluctuate. NOS-parts will do her utmost to update the prices of the products on the website as soon and often as possible and necessary  in case of fluctuations of the prices.
In any case, the mentioned price on the website at the moment of placing the order will be in effect and invoiced to the customer.
All prices are mentioned on the website and are in euro’s, but are without shipping costs.

3.2 Invoices
The total price of the delivery, the price of the ordered products and the shipping costs, are mentioned on the invoice which is made by NOS-parts after confirmation of the order.
  1. Payment of the products
4.1 Payment modalities
The customer can pay for the products by bank transfer or PayPal. The customer will pay in euro’s. If the customer pays by bank transfer or PayPal, the order will be delivered after receipt of the payment.
  1. Delivery of the products
5.1 Place of delivery
NOS-parts delivers the products only on the delivery address mentioned on the order.
The customer is responsible for the data when ordering; in case of a mistake by the customer NOS-parts cannot be held liable for not being able to deliver the products on the right address.
After payment of the order by the customer, changes of the delivery address cannot be accepted by NOS-parts.

5.2 Delivery time
Usually the order will be delivered within a time limit of 3 to 8 working days from the moment of receipt of the payment by the customer. The time limit can be significantly longer for hard-to-reach areas.
The dates for sending and delivery are purely indicative and do not bring any contractual obligations.
In case of an exceptional delay in the delivery, the customer will receive an email with additional information.

5.3 Partial delivery
If a customer has order multiple products, a partial delivery is possible when one or more products are not available on the date of shipping the order.
In that case, NOS-parts will pay back the price of the product which cannot be delivered.

5.4 Transfer of risk
The transfer of risk will take place on the moment of delivery of the products.

5.5 Receipt of the products
The delivery will be executed by a delivery organization, as  proof of delivery the customer has to sign a receipt.

5.6 Complaints
When the delivered products do not correspondent with what the customer has ordered (wrong reference), the customer will, in case he did not mention this on the delivery receipt,  inform Renaut16Shop by email within fifteen (15) days after the delivery took place. After 15 days the complaint cannot be accepted anymore.
If NOS-parts actually determines the lack of conformity the order of the customer will be cancelled and the consequences described in article 2.4 and 6.2 will be applicable.
If the customer wants a new delivery, he has to place a new order.
  1. The right of the customer to return the products
6.1 Right of withdrawal
If a customer is not satisfied with one of the bought products he can, in accordance with the relevant legislation in the country of delivery (the Netherlands), return the product. To do so, the customer has to make contact with NOS-parts within 15 working days measured from the time of delivery of the product (the date on the signed delivery receipt is the date of delivery).
Provided that compliance with the mentioned period of 15 working days, the customer shall be reimbursed within a period of 15 working days after NOS-parts has received the returned product.
The return costs (shipping) will be taken in deduction from the compensation of the products.
The compensation of the delivered and returned products will in any case only take place with reservation that the product was checked by NOS-parts, that the product was complete and in good condition (not used and without fitting traces).

6.2 Returning of product because of non-conformity of the nature of the product
In case of non-conformity of the nature of the ordered product at the moment of delivery, the customer can, under the condition that he informed NOS-parts about his complaint as described in article 5.6, return the product after he has received the permission in accordance of the conditions described in article 5.6.
If the customer complaint is well founded, no return costs will be charged for the product.
The compensation of the return costs will be paid after the customer has submitted a written evidence of shipping.
The compensation of the return costs is up to the amount NOS-parts has invoiced the customer for the shipping of the product.

6.3 Returning of the product in the event of error in order by the customerIn case of the event of error in order, the customer has to make contact by email with NOS-parts in order to request for immediate cancellation of the order. The cancellation of the order can lead to the consequences described in article 2.4.
In case the shipping of the product was executed at the moment that the request for cancellation was received by Renaul16Shop, the customer can only, at the moment of delivery, refuse the product by asking the delivery organization to return the product immediately and by mentioning “refused” on the delivery receipt without signing it.
In any case the compensation of the product will only take place with reservation that the returned product was checked by NOS-parts, that the product was complete and in good condition (not used and without fitting traces).
In case the product was returned incomplete or damaged, NOS-parts reserves the right to refuse the compensation
If the customer is not fully or partial compensated, the customer will receive an explanation by email from NOS-parts.

6.4 Conditions for returning the product.
The customer execute the following steps:
Make contact with NOS-parts
Put the complete and not damaged product in the original packaging
Put the original packaging in a protective packaging
If the customer does not follow these steps, it is possible that the returned product will not be accepted by NOS-parts. NOS-parts reserves the right to refuse any product that is not returned in accordance to the rules.
  1. Warranty
7.1 General
The products, offered by NOS-parts, are in accordance with the applicable European legislation and the standards that apply in Europe.
The products sold by NOS-parts may only be mounted on vehicles or systems recommended by the designer or manufacturer or by an authorized person and then only on his responsibility.
In no case NOS-parts can be held liable for the consequences of a wrong mounting or use of a product, which is not fitted for a certain vehicle.

7.3 Warranty for hidden defects
If a customer reports that a product which was delivered by NOS-parts has a hidden defect, the customer has to provide evidence of this defect. In order to get confirmation of the hidden defect, NOS-parts can ask the customer  to ask for an expert inspection by a recognized expert. The results of this inspection must be send to NOS-parts as soon as possible. After receiving the results of the inspection, NOS-parts will inform the customer about the procedure for returning the product.
The costs for returning the product are borne by NOS-parts
The compensation of the return costs is up to the amount NOS-parts has invoiced the customer for the shipping of the product.
After the hidden defect is determined by NOS-parts, the customer will get permission to return the product. Then the price of the product will be compensated and paid to the customer.

7.4 Exclusion of warranty
The warranty does not apply to:
Abnormal or incorrect use of the products.
Defects and effects due to the use for which the products are nor designed.
Defects and effects due to an external cause.
  1. Liability
The total liability of NOS-parts is, no matter from which it arises, limited to the amount that the customer has paid for the product.
  1. Force Majeure
As force majeure is, amongst others, considered: war, lock-out, rebellions, strikes, coups and natural disasters. In general all cases, which are acknowledged the by the jurisdiction of the Dutch courts as unforeseen, irresistible en external events.
NOS-parts cannot be held liable for the non-execution of her contractual obligations if this non-execution is the consequence of force majeure and these circumstances reasonably cannot be charged to NOS-parts.
  1. Applicable law – competent court
The present general sales conditions are subject to the Dutch legislation.
  1. Protection of privacy
We value your privacy. All personal details are treated with care. We strictly comply with all legal regulations that apply to personal data. Upon request you can inspect the stored personal data and you can have them modified by us.

Which data do we collect?
If you place an order, we require various information from you to process and ship your order.
- Details such as name, address and place of residence, which you enter on the order form. We use this information to check and process your order.
- Your email address: We use your email address to confirm your order and inform you when your order is ready for shipment.
- Your telephone number: This number requires the courier service to contact you (if necessary). We DO NOT use your telephone number for marketing purposes.
- Traffic data: Traffic data are stored during each visit to our website. These are for example the number of pages that have been visited or which items have been ordered.

We use this information to process and ship your order. We will not sell your personal information to third parties. Your data is stored on secure servers. Competent employees of NOS-parts are the only persons who have access to the personal data. You have the right to delete the personal data provided.
If you wish to respond to our privacy policy, please contact us:
- By email:

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